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Christmas time.

Hello you!  Look away if you need to get through summer time without seeing, hearing or thinking about Christmas! The reality is Christmas is only 5 pay days away, are you ready for it? Christmas is so lovely isn’t it? However it can also be veg expensive and that’s why I spend all year preparing… Continue reading Christmas time.

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Why summer isn’t my season. 

Hello you! I dislike summer.  There, I said it, I really don’t like it.  Here’s why –  1. It’s too hot  I hate being hot. I’m a warm person anyway and often won’t be wearing a coat when everyone else is so Summer just makes me all bothered and sweaty. I don’t like feeling hot,… Continue reading Why summer isn’t my season. 

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Five things I’ve learnt now my daughter attends Pre school 

Hello you!  E has been a preschooler for two weeks now and our lives have changed considerably. From lazy mornings with no real objectives to having to be at Preschool on time, I’ve learnt some lessons.  1) My kid eats so god damn slow. We HAVE to be our that door at 8:30am yet she… Continue reading Five things I’ve learnt now my daughter attends Pre school 

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Belton House – Our review 

Hello you!  Belton house is another National Trust property we visited recently with friends. It’s also on our fun list for June. It was so ace I wanted to share with you.  When we first drove up to the car park it was packed, hubs let out a massive groan and moaned his face off… Continue reading Belton House – Our review 

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Why we love Tattershall Castle 

Hello you! If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know we got National Trust membership last year and it’s been fab! I’m going to share with you some places we’ve visisted, starting with the castle.  One place we love to visit is Tattershall Castle. We are a Lincolnshire based family and the castle isn’t… Continue reading Why we love Tattershall Castle 

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We failed at being sensible spenders. 

Hello you! You may remember when I talked about how hubs and I had decided to get our life together and budget our cash, if you didn’t read it, click here! Well, it’s been a month and you deserve an update. That update is, we failed! We ended the month with 10p on the bank.… Continue reading We failed at being sensible spenders.