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We failed at being sensible spenders. 

Hello you! You may remember when I talked about how hubs and I had decided to get our life together and budget our cash, if you didn’t read it, click here! Well, it’s been a month and you deserve an update. That update is, we failed! We ended the month with 10p on the bank.… Continue reading We failed at being sensible spenders. 

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Meal Planning (not) Monday! 

Hello you! Another week and another meal plan, we stretched the last one out until payday and have had some really boring meals. I’m super looking forward to the groceries arriving tomorrow and making food a bit more exciting again! Planned for the next week we have  Cod loin, chips and mushy peas. A fave… Continue reading Meal Planning (not) Monday! 

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It’s New Year’s Eve …

And I haven’t blogged in ages despite saying I would. I’m so sorry.  It’s for totally happy reasons. Since being in my medication I’ve been in a MUCH better place and I’ve basically spent December prancing around with my finally, being happy.  I do love this little blog though so tomorrow will be my new… Continue reading It’s New Year’s Eve …