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A life update

Hello you!

I thought this would be a perfect chance to do a little life update on the N family. I used to do whole blog post dedicated to E and her changes but honestly, she hasn’t changed that much since the last one so you are getting a whole life update instead.


E is just amazing. She is a wild one, loves being outside, singing, dancing, shaking her bum and just having fun. She still doesn’t sleep great but we are four years in now – I think that’s who she is. She starts school in September and my mummy heart is a little broken. I know she’ll just excel though. She’s a very popular little girl at preschool and although in groups of children she is more of an introvert, she still partakes and has fun. She eats much better now in terms of amounts but still doesn’t like wet or mixy food but I’ve said all along, she doesn’t have to like everything.

E is my number one life achievement and everything she is and does makes me proud.

Hubs and I

There isn’t much to say here! Life is ticking on nicely for us. We are just happy. There’s things that worry us and aren’t so great but at 31, I am starting to think that’s just life. We have love and that’s all that matters.

Hubs is doing well in his career although it’s becoming increasingly demanding which leads on to the decision that despite the fact E is going to school soon, I won’t be returning to work just yet. With no support here or anyone else to go to special Friday assemblies, rush in if she’s sick or be at the gates on a hot day with an ice lolly, we feel E will still need me around more than we need the extra income a job would bring.

Which leads nicely into money, money is money, ha! We do ok, we have for the last four months spent less and payed more off debts we accumulated when we sold and took a huge loss on our home. But like I say, we do ok. It could be so much better but it could be so much worse.


The dogs are doing good. They seem to have settled a lot in the last year and their age is catching up with them now. Candy dog goes for some tooth surgery next month which is a worry but I’m sure she’ll be fine.

My mental health

I am proud and pleased to say I have been off antidepressants for my post natal anxiety for 5 months. I came off around the time my lovely Nanna passed away and the first few weeks were awful but things soon settled down.

The anxiety is still very much there but I can cope with it now. I know how to control it. I know if I don’t eat well or I don’t get enough sleep then it’s heightened. I know to talk to hubs when it’s overwhelming which isn’t very often nowadays. Some days I get scared that it’s going to just build up again and I’ll have to be on medication forever but I don’t think that’s a real thing for me. Ironically, it’s anxiety making me worry about my anxiety.

General stuff

We are actively trying to cut back on plastic in the house so that’s something I’d like to write about soon.

We are encouraging E to be more independent as she gets ready to go to school. She has chores now, earns a small amount of pocket money and doesn’t get everything she asks for all the time. We’ve found the latter hard because why not? But we realise that we were possibly making a child that believed getting everything you wanted was just how it was and we didn’t want that for her.

And I think that’s all I have to say! Is there anything you’d like to know?

I’m going to do a few more posts hopefully now life has settled down a bit and I’d like to steer the blog into new directions. I want to talk about so much more than parenting. We shall see!

Lots of love



2 thoughts on “A life update

  1. Also trying To get Molly ready for school. Nervous and excited about the massive changes that are coming!! Is she going to CSM? If so, are you going tonight? (If not, ignore that ha!)

    1. I’m so nervous for E but she’s taking it all in her stride! She is so excited to go to the red school, wear a uniform and have a teacher! I’m a mess! Haha! I’ll be there tonight, you going?

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