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Mac and Cheese – Mrs N style!

Hello you!

One of the most popular Insta posts on my personal Insta was a picture of a super easy Mac and Cheese I made.

I thought I’d share the recipe here. There’s no magic ingredient but it was so so tasty. It’s always a hit in this house with Mr N and E too. I usually serve with a side of steamed Broccoli but peas would work well too.

So you’ll need –

250g of any Pasta (We like Rigatoni)

250g of grated Mature cheddar cheese

350ml of milk

One tablespoon of Butter

One tablespoon of plain flour

2 x Crackers ( We use Jacobs whole grain)

Optional – Diced smoked Bacon

Oven pre heated to 180 degrees.

And here’s what to do –

1) Boil pasta and set aside

2) Fry off bacon bits and set aside

3) In a saucepan melt your butter and then add your flour. Once combined add milk and then stir, stir, stir until its kind of all mixed together and a bit thick.

4) Add all your cheese minus a handful into the milky mixture and stir until melted.

5) Chuck the pasta, bacon and sauce into an over proof dish and give it a good mix up.

6) Sprinkle your left over cheese on top of the pasta mix up.

7) Crush your crackers by rolling over them a few times on a chopping board and then add these to the mix up too.

8) Bake in the oven for 15 mins or until it’s golden.

9) Take our oven, leave for 5 mins and then serve.

Let me know if you decide to make it or add stuff to it! I’m always looking out for new food!

Love ya



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