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An honest review of Butlins, Skgeness

Hello you!

We’ve just got back from a weeks holiday at Butlins, Skegness. We actually only live forty minutes away but we got a really cheap deal and lots of our friends enjoy holidaying there so we decided to see what it was all about.

It’s been a week of highs and lows and I thought I’d share the week with you.

Because no one wants to end on a bad point I’ll share the holiday low points first.

The biggie is that the accommodation we were originally allocated was DISGUSTING. There was so much wrong with it, smears of goodness knows what on the walls and grass growing in the carpet being the main two. I cried. We paid an additional £94 to upgrade and get out of there. If we had had to stay in that apartment, we’d have gone home. I’m currently in the process of claiming that additional £94 back, I’ll let you know how we get on.

Another negative for me was simply just how busy the place is. If you don’t like crowds, ques, hustle and bustle – Butlins isn’t for you! Its just a busy place, constantly. By day three I was used to it but on day one it was totally overwhelming as small kids darted everywhere and adults fought for the best table.

Now onto the pros!

The place is great! Honestly, it really is fun. E had the very best of times and we didn’t think it was too bad either. We made full use of the free funfair, soft play, swimming pools, splash park and shows. We just didn’t have a free minute the whole time.

The funfair and splash park were utilised to the full by E and luckily for us, it was 22 degrees everyday apart from the last. We could have been in Spain for all we knew, the Butlins bubble is a very real thing.

E loved the shows, particularly the Skyline Gang! We ended up buying her a costume of her favourite character. She got to meet them on the last night and her world was made!

We didn’t see much of the later night time entertainment but we did bump into my Uncle who was also holidaying there and he assured me it was all excellent!

We did watch the pantomime Cinderella Rocks was FANTASTIC. A real laugh for all the family, even mardy Hubs laughed the whole way through. I’d have paid good money to watch that as a stand alone show.

Luckily for us our friends had warned us to que for the panto and thank goodness we did, it was full to capacity within 5 minutes of doors opening and people were being turned away. I felt a little sad for those families – if we didn’t know to que we’d have been sent away with a disappointed child too.

We opted to pay extra for a premium dining package to make the break feel a little more like a holiday and as a family we have mixed opinions on it.

Hubs wants it to be known that he loved it and would always do it.

I, however, wasn’t so keen. The breakfast was amazing but the evening food, meh. I could have fed my family better quality, healthier meals for much less and we wouldn’t have had to deal with the stress of begging E to eat every meal time.

I acknowledge the food was tasty and varied but it wasn’t for me.

Overall, Butlins was fun. The start with the gross apartment did ruin the first day for me however aside from that, we had an amazing, busy and happy time. And we will absolutely go back!


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