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Seven tips for coping with a heatwave

Hello you!

As the weather has taken yet another sudden turn towards boiling hot, I feel inspired to write about how we cope in a heatwave.

Rewind to about 3 years ago and we were hit with VERY hot weather and I vividly remember the most awful day ever. We lived at the time in a small two bed new build house with excellent insulation. Excellent insulation is not what you want in a heat wave. Hubs was away so as per usual the dogs were on stress level 10 million, pacing around and refusing to rest. The ONLY fan in the house broke and E who was 14 months old was beside herself. I fell to sleep sobbing at about 2am after spending hours trying to cool the baby, the dogs and myself in a house with an angry red 29 degree Gro egg and no breeze! I was convinced a dog would be dead in the morning – thankfully, this did not happen.

From then on, I swore I would be ready the next time time a heatwave came so here’s what happens when it’s super hot at Nicklen towers.

1) Cotton. We all wear 100% cotton sleepwear now after my googling told me that a body will stay cooler in 100% cotton over being naked.

2) Don’t cook. If it’s hot we simply don’t switch the oven on. It’s sarnies, salads, cold meats and if I’ve been prepared enough, pasta that was cooked in the morning. You’ll be surprised how much boiling a pan of water will raise the temperature of a house.

3) Fans. We have two fans now, one for us and one for E.

4) Foil. Foil is a life saver!! Spray a window with water, apply foil and it’ll stick. This acts as a total blackout for any room but also keeps the room very cool as well. I don’t now why but it’s magic. We do this in monkeys bedroom during the summer months and it stays a cool 18 constantly.

5) Keep the curtains closed. During the dizzy heights of summer we will open all the windows but keep all the curtains closed in attempt to block the sunshine getting in. I won’t lie, it doesn’t work as good as foil but who wants foil on every window in their house?

6) Don’t feel pressured. Social media will tell you if the suns out, so is everyone else and you should be too. Honestly, the best way to stay cool is to stay out of the sun. In your house with a breeze and closed curtains. Until my child became a sun soaking warmth needing feral wild child we spent many a heatwave indoors.

7) Sleep downstairs. The downstairs of our house and any house we’ve ever been in has always been cooler than upstairs in the night. If you can safely get your brood to sleep downstairs and keep cooler, why not? E thinks it’s so much fun if you turn the sofa into a bed.

That’s pretty much it, as we all know, I dislike being too hot and I’m not a fan of summer so if you have any other tips to share, let me know below.



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