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School. SCHOOL.

Hello you.

Well today we have found out what school E got into and my heart aches a bit. How can she be old enough to go to school? She is TOO small. They’ve got it wrong. I’ll miss her too much.

However, I’m also a bit bloody excited for it all.

I can’t wait to take her shopping for her uniform and the bits she’ll need. I’m looking forward to that photo in front of the door. I’m exited for the people she’ll meet, the things she’ll learn and the stuff she’ll do.

I can’t wait to pick her up at the end of the day and find out all about the fun she’s had.

A whole new chapter of our lives is about to start for us both. School doesn’t just signify a change for E but one for me too.

I have to work out where I belong in this world all over again. I will no longer be a stay at home Mum to small child, I won’t be a working mum, I won’t be a pregnant lady or Mum to more kids. As I don’t have smaller children like my friends, I expect my week days will be become quieter and longer. My ideal would be a small job in school hours meaning I can get a little bit of me back but still be able to be there for E. Who knows what it will bring? Because I don’t. Whatever it brings, We are as ready as we can be.

Love ya


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