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Meal plan for the week

Hello you.

It’s time for another riveting meallllll plannnnnnn …..

Turkey mince chilli con carne and rice. We are trying to eat less red meat so turkey mine it is. E won’t eat this so she’ll probably have a mini pizza.

Seafood and Chorizo Paella. This is a new recipe we are going to try after a friend suggested it. Hubs is already mardy because seafood doesn’t fill him. E won’t eat this mixed so she’ll have some rice, fish and veggies. Similar but different.

We ate the Paella, it was super tasty and hubs scoffed so much he had to lay down for an hour afterwards. We will be having that again!

Thai green curry. A firm family favourite that’s quick, easy and packed with veggies.

Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary chicken with rice and corn. Everyone will eat this and it’s healthy.

Toad in the hole. E requested this and who doesn’t like toad in the hole?

Queen Sausage and tomato pasta bake. We are having this on Sunday as I’m throwing a baby shower so I need to make something quick and healthy afterwards as they’ll be no time for a roast dinner.

Pizzas. E and hubs are having pizza as I’m going to the local curry house with friends!

And that’s our meals for the week, I’m really just waiting for warmer weather now so we can eat lighter meals like salads.

Hurry up sunshine! We miss you.

Love ya!



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