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On your fourth birthday.

My darling E,

I can’t believe you are four years old.

You are the most wonderful human in all of creation.

You are wild, you are fun and you are incredible.

You do the best twerk ever and even though daddy hates it, I love it when you stop to twerk if the music is good no matter where you are.

You love to dance. We dance in the kitchen all the time. In this house all you have to do is shout ‘kitchen dance party’ and everyone will come dance in the kitchen. You started that.

You say crazy things like ‘the dog is indicating blue’ which means you think the dog is excited.

You love to role play and spend your days bouncing from Snow White to Ariel.

You are everything to me. The love of my life.

I hope you always want to cuddle in my bed eating chocolate and watching TV. I hope you always dance when the music is right no matter where you and I hope the light in your eyes never fades.

I love you all the stars in the sky, all the sugar and all the bananas.



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