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Meals for the week.

Hello you!

If the blogging and the internet has taught me anything it is that there is always someone else like you out there.

In this case, it is that there must be someone else who delights in other peoples family meal plans as much as I do, surely?

I bloody love them! I take my inspo from them and when I was a better blogger I even used to write them weekly so I could refer back to them!

So, as I’m trying to be a better blogger I thought, why not bring back the meal plan??

This week at N towers we shall be eating ……

Baked sweet chilli salmon fillet with streamed green beans and boiled new potatoes. I won’t lie, hubs picked this one and it’s not my idea of a lovely dinner but it is his so, yeah, salmon.

Pasta and meatballs. This one was picked by E. I’ll roast some cherry tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms and spinach to throw in the mix too.

Toad in the hole. Who doesn’t love a good sausage? We are having this because, even though it’s a winter meal and technically it is no longer winter, IT IS FREEZING outside and we need a warming supper.

Roast chicken dinner. We have a roast every Sunday, in the summer we serve it with new potatoes and spring veggies and in the winter stodgy root veg and lashings of gravy. It’s simple, tasty and healthy. Also, everyone in the house eats it.

Thai green curry. We all love Thai green curry. I always throw in green beans and red peppers to add some crunch too.

Cajun chicken with golden rice, roasted garlic peppers and corn on the cob. This is one of our summer time faves, it’s so tasty and filling. E will have plain steamed chicken because spice is not her thing.

Mexican bean soup with tortillas. Now this is THE meal that caused arguments. I think we should eat less meat and my husband would sleep on a bed of meat if he could do. I want to try this as a tasty meat free meal and he begrudgingly agreed.

(Edit – I made this it was delicious, see picture! Hubs refused to eat it. Standard)

And that’s it, the meals for the week! What are you all having for your tea? Do you have a recipe I NEED to try. Tell me in the comments.

Love ya



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