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Goodbye Creek.

Hello you!

Let me tell you a story. But be warned it’s a sad one. I’m talking Inside Out Bing Bong sad, ok? Ok!

Once upon a time there was a little girl called E and she had an imaginary friend called Creek.

Creek was a troll that moved in with the little girl when she was three years old.

For a year E and Creek did everything together.

E wouldn’t let her mummy forget him and he often had to be popped into pockets during important events so he could come too. He came to Ballet exams, pre school, nanny’s house, the shops and even swimming!

Creek was fun, he did cheeky things and he was sweet.

Creek took care of E and E took care of Creek.

The mummy got E a teddy that looked like Creek and they all laughed together. E said Creek was amazed to have a teddy version of him.

One day the mummy realised she hadn’t heard from Creek in a while and asked E where he was.

And then, this is the sad part, E couldn’t remember Creek. E could reference the teddy but thought mummy was being silly when she told her all about the wonderful things she did with Creek.

Creek was forgotten.

The end.

So wherever you are Creek, who ever your child is now, know that I’ll always remember you even if E doesn’t.

Goodbye Creek, you were an excellent friend.

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