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Hello you!

E is four very soon and I can barely believe it. Four seems so old for a baby I gave birth too five minutes ago.

When asked what she wanted for her birthday she asked for a party. She’s a simple girl.

We all know parties can be expensive and I was keen not to spend £193727 on a two hour party so I asked E what she wanted at her party and her list was a simple and extremely achievable one

1. Cake

2. Dancing

3. Friends

4. Sweets

5. Balloons

So, for her fourth birthday party she’ll have 6 of her preschool friends over for two hours. The total cost has been about £25 which has bought a pack of balloons, some bunting, some sweet cones for party bags, cake ingredients, sweets for pass the parcel and a colouring book for the prize, pizzas and mini milks.

We are all really looking forward to it and I just know she’ll love it.

Her actual birthday falls on easter weekend so she’s in for a whole weekend of treats and fun.

As she didn’t ‘want’ anything in particular we took this as our opportunity to scale back on birthday gifts. We are suckers for gifting E way too much, the girl has everything you could dream up for an almost four year old. After Christmas exploded with gifts everywhere, some of which are STILL unplayed with, we agreed to calm down a little.

She certainly won’t be and isn’t going with out but instead of a massive mound of gifts from us this year she has 8 presents which we know she will love. Some people may think 8 isn’t enough and some people might think it is too many but for us it’s a happy medium. Generous but not too much.

Some of things we’ve got her include this Beanie Boo TY teddy, a paw patrol puzzle, these cute little Glimmies which she’ll love and a Bizzy Bub.

I just can’t believe she will be four soon. Non of her birthdays have made me sad but four feels like the one that’ll pull on my heart strings. She isn’t a baby anymore, she’s a child. So many questions – Did I waste the years? Did I moan too much? Did I worry too much? How did they go by so fast? I’m not sure I enjoyed them as much as I should have. Did I do enough?

Four. Who knew it was such a big number?

Love you


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