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Thank you midwife.

Hello you.

Pampers are currently running a campaign for thank midwives all over the country for their support, work and help.

This is something I saw, thought it’d be nice to do and then saw there would be a donation made by Pampers to The Royal College of Midwives every time the #thankyoumidwife was used and decided I would take part.

So here goes –

Nikki – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for some how always being there when I came in with problems. For knowing who I was, making me a brew, getting N a chair and always taking me seriously. For seeing my name on March 30th 2014 and taking over my care, getting a consultant and making sure my babe was safe when another midwife felt comfortable in sending me home. You were right.

Jess – Thank you for being my cousin, for talking me through it all via email when I felt like I couldn’t breathe. For having your own children, your own career, your own patients and still spending time reading my concerns and helping. And for kindly bullying me into seeing the Dr and getting that all important HG diagnoses.

Kind midwife – I never knew your name but thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back on your precious break after I’d given birth and apologising for not recognising I was in labour. You didn’t need to do that at all, I didn’t know I was either. I wasn’t angry. Thank you for saying E was beautiful. Thank you for the midnight tea and toast and making sure I wasn’t alone when I felt so alone.

THE midwife – You get my biggest thanks. You didn’t know me until I was 10cm dilated and you’d just started your shift. You talked me through all 22 minutes of it. When I told you I was scared, you told me there was no need and you helped me bring my beautiful baby girl in the world. When she didn’t cry, your face didn’t scream worry but congratulations and you made sure my baby was ok. You didn’t even flinch when my waters exploded on your new fake tan. Thank you telling kind midwife I was bravest women you’d met in a long time, she told me that and I’ll treasure it forever.

There was so many moments in my pregnancy and labour when the walls closed in. When I couldn’t catch my breath, when I had to ask if my baby would be ok and through all of that there was always a midwife smiling, holding my hand and helping me. Always someone explaining the big words, reading me the illegible notes because by week 29 they knew I would take them home and google it all anyway so it was best I wasn’t guessing.

It’s been almost four years since E came into this world but I will remember you all for a lifetime.

Thank you midwives everywhere.




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