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Goodbye January blues

Hello you!

Been a wee while hasn’t it? I’ll be frank, we had a tough December so January was just all about getting better physically and emotionally.

It’s the last day of January today and the I am so looking forward to flipping that calendar over and saying Hello February, my old friend. I am so looking forward to the next year ahead. So much is set to happen, E will turn four and start school. We will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary too. There’s a lot more – friends having babies, a holiday, birthdays.My number one resolution for the year was a simple one – Love hard where I can, when I can. I want it so if I can help someone, if I can soothe their souls or build them up then I will do with no agenda and no expectations. Of course I do this now but I want to extend it further.

See you in February xx

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