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The Pottery Painting Cafe – Sleaford 

Hello you!

We’ve recently had a few amazing experiences with the Pottery Painting Cafe in Sleaford and as a small business, I feel like it’s important to share how great we found them. I haven’t been asked to do this review, nor have I been paid or received goods in exchange, I just like it. 

My first experience with The Pottery Painting Cafe was organising a take away pottery basket for a playgroup I help out at. Lisa was brilliant when I messaged them via their Facebook page, advising me on what we could choose to paint within our budget. She also offered to come along to the group and help us, free of charge, which was just amazing as we ended up having 25 children and babies painting. Lisa’s experience and knowledge made the whole thing run smoothly. 

Given how much I enjoyed organising everything with Lisa, I decided to go to the Pottery Painting Cafe with E a few weeks later. We had a friend visiting so they came too for a fun day out.

The Cafe is lovely, very cosy and inviting. We had prebooked our table which is adviseable and arrived to find it all set up with booster seats for the children. Lisa explained everything we needed to know and we got on with the painting. If you haven’t been Pottery painting before you chose blank pottery and then paint it. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it. Me and E painted this cute little teapot which we collected a week later after it was fired and glazed. 

You can buy hot drinks in the cafe but we didn’t because the children were straight into painting. 

There are two things I think are extra worthy of a mention. Firstly is just how friendly the staff are with everyone in the Cafe, but not that horrible won’t leave you alone friendly. Just nice, warm and kind. The atmosphere was really really nice inside. 

And also, on the day we were entitled to a discount offer which I had entirely forgotten about when it came to paying. Lisa knew we were eligable and gave us the discount. Both me and my friend were impressed by this, it didn’t need to be mentioned to us and we’d have paid full price realising later we had missed out. It’s a small thing but it was a kind thing. I think it really shows how to run a business people want to return too. 

Overall, we really loved our time at The Pottery Painting Cafe. So much so we are going back for a Christmas story and painting session in December.

If you are based in Lincolnshire you can find their Facebook here. It is regularly updated with events, offers and activities.

Let me know if you’ve ever been or plan to go below! 

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