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Goodbye dummy, goodbye baby?!

Hello you!

So in the last post I wrote I talked about how E still needs me for loads of things and then BAM! She willingly gives up her dummy and that’s it, she’s a proper little girl.

The dummy was the last ‘baby’ thing she had. She can walk, talk, clean her teeth, dress herself, she hasn’t worn nappies/pull ups etc since about 6 months again when she became night time dry. But she always had that dummy. And I know, I really do, that people hate them. But I was rather fond, sssshh!

At the end of everyday she would get ready for bed, have a story with me and pop it in and for a few minutes before she fell to sleep she was a little baby again. And now it’s gone. 

I’m not that sad about it really, in fact, I am incredibly proud of both her and me. 

My pride in her is obvious, she’s wonderful. My pride in me is kind of smug. I’m proud because I’ve stuck to my guns all the way through the last three years, I’ve never forced any kind of development on her and I’ve always tried to wait until she was ready. I’ve been criticised openly for it by own Husband ‘She doesn’t need that dummy, we should take it away’ but here she is, living proof that listening to your child and your own parenting intuition works just as well as enforcing situations upon them. 

Of course, I am not judging anyone, I do believe that every parent, every family out there are doing what is best for them and their children but I’m having this moment. This proud moment that I took my tiny baby and managed to parent her to the wonderful, independent and gorgeous little girl she is. 

Now, how on earth do I raise such a wonderful strong willed human and live with her? Ha! Now that’s a question. 

Love ya


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