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What a week!

Hello you!

It’s been a tough old week here at Mrs N towers and that’s made me want to write again. I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say. However this week has been tough and I’ve wanted to write so much down. It turns out even I need this blog for me.

So why has it been tough?

There is some family stuff going on which I’m struggling with but mostly it’s been E. Boy oh boy, she’s been hard work.

She’s had conjunctivitis, a fever, a tummy ache, an ear ache and last night she coughed so much she vomited. All of this has made for a very miserable child and I’ve had very little chance to enjoy time with  her because she’s either screaming, crying or sleeping. 

Things are much better today though which is a good sign? I hope! 

E is three and a half now and actually, my best mate so for her to be so blue has been hard for me to watch. She’s is wildly independent usually so it’s been hard for me not to feel annoyed when she refused to lift her drink to lips because she ‘isn’t in the mood’ but whines that she is thirsty.

I think this week, if anything, has been a real reality check for me that yes, my daughter is wonderful, Independent and amazing but she is also only young still so she needs me for so so so much.

Love ya 


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