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Mrs N & Preparing for Autumn 

Hello you!

It’s September now and in my books, it’s Autumn!

Because I am the queen of rock and roll and my lifestyle is wild, I thought I’d share with you how I prepare for Autumn. Because I am so cool, I prepare for Autumn.

I’ve spent all weekend doing little things around the house to get organised.

Prepare for the cold weather

The first thing I did was go into our coat cupboard and grab out everyone’s winter coats, rain coats, hats and scarves. They’ve all be washed and hung up ready for the weather change. I also packed away summer hats, jelly shoes and flip flops.

In keeping with preparing for sudden cold weather, I also dug out our two big super snuggly blankets and washed them. I hate putting the heating on until I have too so we are a blankets & woolly socks family. I don’t keep it off for money reasons but health, I feel like having the heating on breeds germs. I could be wrong.

Vitimins and wholesome food 

On the subject of germs. We had a terrible winter last year for being unwell, colds and tonsillitis plagued us. So I’ve invested in vitimins for the whole family and written out a list of meals that are packed with good wholesome food. I always have a list of seasonal suppers to hand because I meal plan and if I do a huge list it’s easier for me to pick seven then it to think up seven.

Odds and sods

I’ve done the standard packing away summer clothes and preparing autumn winter clothes. We did a HUGE Primark shop for E the other day. She’s going to be spending 5 days a week at preschool so I didn’t want to spend heaps on clothes that’ll get trashed. I got 3 pairs for jeans, some tights and about 10 tops for £23.

The dogs have had their final shave and clean up for the year. We let their fur grow a bit longer in winter because they usually get walked before hubs goes to work and come October it’s usually freezing at 5am. And my husband won’t let me buy them cute little doggy Parkas to wear as apparently, that’s not cool. He’s wrong.

Whilst doing all of this I also did a big clean. Each room, apart from hubs grimy office, has been properly cleaned up and tided.

Weird things 

If you don’t think the above list is weird (like my husband) you are my kind of person! However there are some other things I’ve done that I don’t think are as conventional. Mostly to do with smells!

I’ve swapped out all my summer fragrance candles for much more cosy ones. Away with Yankee Jelly bean and Hello, Shea Butter.

I’ve swapped our body wash from fresh Original source mint and tea tree to a cosy honey and cocoa butter one.

I’ve also added more cushions to the sitting room to give it a more cosy, snuggly feel.

And that’s what I’ve done this weekend to get my Autumn on!

Do you prepare for season changes or do you just not because it’s a bit odd?

If you do, do you do something’s I don’t? Tell me!

Love ya!

A xx

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