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Hyperemesis Gravidum- 4 years on. 

In light of Princess Kate announcing her pregnant and having HG again, I thought I’d publish this post. I wrote it a few months ago but didn’t want to press publish through a fear of people telling me I’m stuck in the past. But hey ho, it’s my blog. 

Hello you!
The other day I was happily chatting away to friends at a coffee morning. My three year old daughter colouring away, not a care in the world when suddenly, a women walked past and her smell, her perfume, made me want to vomit. 

It wasn’t offensive, it wasn’t awful and actually, no one around me even blinked but it was a smell that took me right back to being pregnant and having HG. It was the perfume I wore at the time and it’s now a smell that makes me feel instantly sick. 

Fast forward three days and I was at a ball. There was a freezer full of help yourself Ben and Jerrys, heaven! Or not. Because I once ate Ben and Jerrys and then heaved it all back up in Asda car park and now, I simply can’t stand the stuff. 

For me HG was vomiting 30+ times a day, my throat bleeding every time I heaved, keeping absolutely nothing in my body, smelling everything and being repulsed by it and being dehydrated all the time. A friend of mine had HG and for her, it was the inability to move without feeling or being sick and ending up in hospital to be rehydrated when she was only 7 weeks pregnant. 

Neither me or my friend want more babies and we both acknowledge that HG probably plays a part in the decision. I really do take my hat off to women who suffer but are willing to risk it all again for another baby. 

HG is miserable. It’s unfair and unforgiving. And the memory of it never goes away. It seems bonkers that I can still write about it four years on. That it still affects me four years on. But it really does.

People who haven’t had HG or been around someone with it can assume it’s just bad morning sickness. It isn’t. You can read all about what it actually is here and if you know anyone who is suffering please please please do not tell them to eat some ginger. Trust me, they’ll want to stab you.


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