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Our Summer holiday saviour! 

Hello you! 

Four words for you – Little Brian Paint sticks!

Have you heard of them?! I hadn’t until about 3 weeks ago when I stumbled upon them on Amazon. 

E is a creative child, if she isn’t colouring in, then she’s begging to paint. But let’s be truthful a three year old painting is such a pain isn’t it?

Soggy paper, brown mush and paint on your new crushed velvet cushions. 

The paint sticks make a toddler painting less of a panic attack and more of a ‘I’ll sit here and have a brew whilst you churn out pages of colourful artwork’ 

They work like glue sticks, you twist them up and then spread onto the paper. The colours don’t mix, they don’t stain clothes and they dry within seconds! 

We got the brightly coloured pack pictured above and a pack of primary colours for £5 each. I’ve also ordered a larger pack of generic colours and metallics to pop away for Christmas. 

I’m so impressed with these. They’ve been used LOTS this summer holiday. I’ve just left them on the table with a stack of paper so E can have free access to them and she’s used them everyday since we had them! 

They can also be used to draw on windows safe in knowledge it can be washed away! E almost melted when I told her to go for it on the French doors. Fun mum or what?!? 

So a big thank you to Little Brian for saving Summer AND my replacement crushed velvet cushion!

UPDATE – E decided to test whether they were really water soluble by drawing with the bright pink one ‘accidently’ on our beige carpet. I’m pleased to announce with some warm water and cloth, all evidence of accidental flowers have disappeared! 

Love ya!

A x 

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