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Coningsby and Tattershall rocks! 

Hello you!

I thought I’d share with you a fun new activity that’s taking our village by storm! 

Rock hunting! 

About a week ago a Facebook group was set up that outlined the rules –  Paint a rock, hide it, hunt for others, take photos and re hide them around the village. 

It is so so so much fun! Everyone seems to be getting involved with it so there are heaps of them hidden all over. 

You upload the photos of found rocks to the Facebook group so people can see whose found their creations. 

E thinks it’s amazing. Since almost everyone is painting them, including the local radio station, even walking to the shop is suddenly fun! 

The summer holidays has had a breath of fresh air in its last weeks because of this. Bored kids? Rock hunting! Rainy day? Rock painting! 

It’s such a simple thing but everyone is loving it!! 

Rock hunting rocks!!!

Love ya 

A xx 

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