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Baby names we loved but didn’t use 

Hello you!

Recently I’ve been talking with friends about baby names. I wanted to share some baby names we loved when we were choosing a name for E and if course, why we didn’t use them. 

Boy names 

Frederick – I love this name so much. Freddie for short but we wouldn’t have used this bevause we had a family dog called Fred. 

Zachary/Zachariah – We wouldn’t have used this though because hubs didn’t like it despite the fact I did! 

Sebastian – We both loved Seb but at time we knew of three others so it would never have been used. 

Rory – This was a consideration right up until we found out we were having a girl but mostly for a middle name because …..

Aksel – Aksel was my number one boys name. It probably still is not that we will ever have anymore children. It’s an important name to me and it’s pretty cool too. 

Girl names 

Poppy – When E was just a tiny line on a test I declared if my baby was a girl she would be called Poppy. We discussed it a lot. So much so that the name and word Poppy now makes me feel sick because I had horrible HG during this time and it’s reminds me of being sick a lot. 

Ella – I love love love the name Ella. For a long time our baby was going to be called Ella but then we decided against it. I also know a child called Ella who is very important to us so I didn’t feel right taking her name. 

Faye – Faye is another name of another gorgeous little soul I know. It’s a name I loved a lot but it belongs to someone I know so it was only ever a pipe dream. 

Felicity – Felicity was hubs most favourite name. I wish I had given this name some serious thought but at the time it didn’t feel like the right name. I love it now though. 

E totally suits her name  and I wouldn’t change it for the world but Felicity is just a name that has grown on me so much.

There were many more names that came and went along the way but those are the ones I wrote down. Naming a baby is such an important job when you actually have to do it! What names did you consider when you had to name your human? 

Love you 


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