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No more shoes ….  

Hello you!

This weekend I received a bit of a telling off from hubs after I declared E needed new shoes. This caused him to do a count up of her shoes and (total 8 pairs) announce that she wouldn’t be getting more shoes and I was to turn my attention to something else. So, I have.

My house. We live in a rented house so really don’t want to be spending a lot of money decorating it when it won’t be our forever home but I would really love to dress our space better. One of my favourite hobbies is scrolling through instragram dreamily admiring people’s interiors.

I’ve created a house list of things I would like to do to make my house a more beautiful space. It goes from small things like fresh flowers to big things like a new furniture.

I’d really like to get new curtains for our master bedroom and a lampshade too. Our room is the most neglected in the house but I wish it was more like a sanctuary to rest in.

I’d really love a round dining table too. I’m not sure why, it just really appeals to me. With a runner and gorgeous vase of peonies too.

I’ve also got a big space in my lounge where the Christmas tree goes but what can I put there for the other 11 months of the year?

Tell me how you make your house homely and beautiful.


Ps. I hate clutter and ornaments

One thought on “No more shoes ….  

  1. Plants, plants, plants! Either a huge one or a plant stand that you can put a few different ones on. You’ll have to move them at Christmas but it would be easier to find somewhere for a plant than it would for a piece of furniture.

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