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Christmas time.

Hello you!
Look away if you need to get through summer time without seeing, hearing or thinking about Christmas!

The reality is Christmas is only 5 pay days away, are you ready for it? Christmas is so lovely isn’t it? However it can also be veg expensive and that’s why I spend all year preparing for Christmas.

We are only half way through the year now so here are somethings I can do so when December does roll around we are not reaching for credit cards.

1. Save a bit of money – We put £80 a month aside for the festive period all year round meaning that we don’t struggle to buy gifts and all that cheese. Even if you haven’t saved a dot, could you pop a bit away starting now? Even £20 a month will give you £100 extra in December

2. Make sure you use your loyalty cards – I always make sure we have our clubcard and dividend card to hand when shopping. Last year those two loyalty schemes gave us a collective £150 extra to spend in the stores. The Tesco vouchers went towards toys for E and the Co Op ones bought alcohol and nibbles and we didn’t even have to touch the wages

3. Look around for deals now – So many people groan when they hear I do this but it’s how I save money. I’ve already stashed away from Frozen Walkie Talkies for E that were £4 in Lidl instead of £15 because the box had a tiny tear. The other day she chose a new book in Asda as a treat so I paid an extra £2 to take advantage of an offer picking up another up to pop away and add to her stocking. Thinking now means saving money in the long run. I use the stuff I buy for E now as stocking fillers making sure we have some cash aside for when she writes her list in December.

4. Talk about Christmas with your family and friends – Are you all buying each other this year? Are you just doing the kids? Make a plan. Me and my best friend have agreed it’s just kids this year, another friend and I have decided a simple Christmas card is enough. Splurge if you want but don’t feel like you have too.

And that’s it from me and my Christmas talk, for now!

I know it’s early but it’d be no good me popping this post up on December when your panicking about the cost of it all and drowning your sorrows in delicious Baileys.

Love you

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