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Why summer isn’t my season. 

Hello you!

I dislike summer. 

There, I said it, I really don’t like it.

 Here’s why – 

1. It’s too hot 

I hate being hot. I’m a warm person anyway and often won’t be wearing a coat when everyone else is so Summer just makes me all bothered and sweaty. I don’t like feeling hot, I don’t like not being able to cool down and in case you didn’t get the message, I hate being fucking hot.

2. Ants.

My garden is CRAWLING with them. And I have tried everything to get rid of them. Everything!!! They are driving me crazy. Please don’t suggest talc. When I say I’ve tried it all, I’ve tried it all. Apart from the stuff that might kill my dogs/child but you know, I’d rather have the ants then risk their health. 

3. Hay fever.

I have that kind of Hay fever that looks like you’ve been hit in the face with a baseball bat and anti histimines don’t help. It drains all my energy and makes me feel like utter crap. 

4. Big kids are off school 

I don’t like big kids, maybe when E is big kid, I will but right now, no. When they aren’t at school they are often racing dangerously around the quaint little places I like to visit or pushing my daughter out the way. 

5. Long nights, light mornings and birds!!

I want to wake up and it be dark and I want to be all snuggly at night. I don’t want it to be an endless day where I can’t sleep properly. And as we live in the countryside, I don’t want the dawn chorus anymore. I loved it in Spring but I really need to sleep now. 

6. Sun cream.

I have ginger skin which means even thinking about the sun makes me burn. So I have to lather myself in thick white cream which blocks my pores just so I don’t burn to a crisp. Also, E HATES suncream so that’s a fun fight. Not to mention the fact she looks feral and dirty the minute she has it on. 

In case you haven’t realised by now, I don’t like summer. I’m not nor have I ever been a summer person. I like all the other seasons. Spring and Autumn rank top first with winter a close second. Summer is not for me. Never has been and I doubt it ever will be. 

Do you dislike summer too? What’s your fave season? Did you love Autumn before loving Autumn became cool? 

One thought on “Why summer isn’t my season. 

  1. I’m a summer person! I’m a sunshine person! I love a tan and sun-bleached hair and just the warmth of the sun on me.
    BUT I married a Ginger so I know you pain! He discribes his suncream as factor wetsuit

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