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6 month update! 

Hello you!

I’ve now been on antidepressants for 6 months. My GP wants me to stay on them for at least a year and even suggested I might be on them for a long time yet.

I wrote about why I’m on antidepressants here so it seems fitting to write about how it’s going.

The answer is very well. I’m on a very low dose so they don’t dull my mood or feelings like some do but they do allow me to think clearly and rationally. Before the medication I would panic and worry about EVERYTHING and I couldn’t be rational. I couldn’t see the wood through the gloomy, horrible trees. It was, looking back, a dark place to be.

The medication doesn’t stop those thoughts but it does allow me to say ‘yes, sepsis does exist but it’s unlikely your husband is going to contract it and die before your very eyes’

As well as medication I’ve been very pro active in helping myself too. I’ve started eating lots more good healthy food. I’ve cut my caffeine intake right down to one or maybe two cups of coffee a day instead of drinking it all day. I’ve started going to bed a little earlier and I’ve started running. Running is ace! I moan all the way around and wish I wasn’t doing it until the good feelings kick in and I want to run forever.

A huge thing I’ve done is stop obsessively watching and reading the news. I suppose some people would say that’s ignorance and in fact, 3 months ago I’d have said the same but right now, for my mind, ignorance is bliss.

I used to watch the news and worry. Worry about terrorism, heart attacks, child snatching, climate change, sepsis, dog snatching, politics. The list was endless.

By allowing my mind a break from it all, I finally feel like I’m not being suffocated by the worlds problems. I haven’t just given up on news all together, I do know what’s happening via my husband but I don’t spend hours reading opinions and looking for all the articles ever.

So there you have it, 6 months of medication and things are better, clearer and happier.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if you need help, ask for it. Don’t live in the dark because your brain is chemically imbalanced. The world is a colourful, wonderful place and I promise, it gets better.


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