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Five things I’ve learnt now my daughter attends Pre school 

Hello you! 

E has been a preschooler for two weeks now and our lives have changed considerably. From lazy mornings with no real objectives to having to be at Preschool on time, I’ve learnt some lessons. 

1) My kid eats so god damn slow. We HAVE to be our that door at 8:30am yet she insists on having a 5 minute pauses between toast bites. A friend suggested I gave her food to eat on the walk. That went ok until we had to stop for EVERY bite she took, wait whilst she chewed and swallowed and only then were we allowed to proceed. 

2) Sand gets EVERYWHERE. Preschool is free flow with a massive ace sand table and every single day my daughter brings half of it home in her hair, pants and shoes. I swear she brings handfuls home to sprinkle in our bed when we aren’t looking. 

3) My kid lies. Every single day I ask E if she’s had anything to drink, every day she tells me no. She doesn’t know where her water bottle is or which one it is. I asked the lovely teacher twice is she could remind E where it was as she wasn’t drinking. On the third time I asked when I collected if she had drank any water and she said Nope. Then looked at lovely teacher and burst out laughing because she had tricked me. 

4) The school run is scary. E starts preschool around the same time the local school starts so it means we walk there and I walk home amongst school run. School run mums scare me a bit. There is clear groups of women, wild children on scooters and stressed fast walking dads. I’m not ready for that yet. Also some women look REALLY glamorous for that time of day which is cool but I’m going to have to up my game. 

5) There is no point in buying her clothes from anywhere other than Primark anymore. E has always been a clean kid, we’ve never really had to deal with stains or dirt. Until Preschool. She walks in all neat and tidy, cute as a button. And comes out ferral. She looks like she belongs to no one. Of course this all means she’s having great fun but she can have great fun in a £1.25 Primark top from now on. 

I’m sure as the weeks go by I’ll learn more. And if I do, I’ll be sure you to let you know. 

Love you 


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