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Why we love Tattershall Castle 

Hello you!

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know we got National Trust membership last year and it’s been fab! I’m going to share with you some places we’ve visisted, starting with the castle. 

One place we love to visit is Tattershall Castle. We are a Lincolnshire based family and the castle isn’t far from us so it’s perfect for a few hours out of the house! 

The castle is one of the smaller sites we’ve visisted but I don’t think that should ever put anyone off. 

The grounds are beautiful, they are so well maintained. A huge grass area in the middle is perfect for small humans to burn their energy and it’s been known for the castle to put out soft play at this part.

There’s also a large sand pit on the site which is often busy but always clean, which I’m a fan of! No one wants a dirty sandpit. We actually visit some days just for an hour in the sandpit and an icecream. They have some ace comfy deckchairs dotted around too so it’s perfect to soak up some sunshine. 

The actual history of the site is fascinating and you can find out all about via audio guides or just reading the info as you go.

Top tip!

Our castle top tip is to go straight to the top first and then visit the rooms on the way down. Coming down the stairs is a little daunting, especially with little ones. If you’ve done all the rooms it’s just straight down lots of winding stone steps and you will end up with jelly legs. If you do the rooms on the way down you only do small amounts of steps at one time and get a break from worrying you’ll slip and take out ten more people on your tumble down.

The castle put on loads of events throughout the year, we follow them on Facebook so we know what’s happening. They are really good at keeping it updated too! 

Although it’s not an all day thing, it really is a great place to visit for everyone especially on a sunny day! 

Lots of love



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