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The list – June

Hello you! 

I said here that I would share the bucket list with you but actually, I’m not going too because the list is huge and ever growing. 

Plus do you really need to read that we want to have a Christmas hot chocolate friend date in June? I think not!  So what I’m going to do with you so share 8 things a month we are going to do to make it fun!! 

So for June we are going to 

1) Go Strawberry picking 

2) Go pottery painting

3) Have a a mummy, daddy and daughter cake date 

4) Go to new the local soft play and scope it out 

5) Roll, run and jump down hills

6) Visit Belton House 

7) Host a picnic in the garden for E and her friends 

8) Carry on teaching E to ride her bike 

Some of these may seem a little odd to you but they are important to us, I know they are all things that will make E so happy. Are you doing anything wonderful in June? 

Love you 

Ami xx

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