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The 4am Panic.

Hello you!

I woke up the other morning at 4am in panic. An actual chest tight, can’t think, can’t focus panic because my daughter starts school in a year. How on earth does my daughter who was born yesterday start school in a year? I can’t cope with that. 

If I had it my way I would home school E but alas! She has two parents and hubs wants her to to go through mainstream education. I have to respect that. 

School scares me, she feels too young. I think of school and see snatched away sunshine days where we hop in the car to the splash pool. I see tears because she doesn’t have 100% attendance and can’t go to the cinema/water park. I just see rules and boundaries when I think of school. And that doesn’t fit nicely with the freedom and youth I see when I look at my daughter. I’m sure when the time comes I’ll be ok with the idea and we will all love it but for now I’m grumpy about it. 

So, with that in mind, I’m going to make this next year and every weekend after the best for her. I’m going to go at her pace, follow her prompts and just have lots of fun. I thought this would be an amazing place to take you along for the journey. 

I’ve created a bucket list for the next year which I’ll share in my next blog post. I hope you’ll have fun reading about our adventures and sharing your ideas and opinions on what we can do. Not everyday will be an adventure day so hopefully they’ll be a real mix of reviews, activities, thoughts and E updates as we go! 

Love you 


2 thoughts on “The 4am Panic.

  1. Well what can I say?? She will love it……she will miss you and you will miss her, no doubt about that, but you will be in wonder and awe at how fast and how much she will learn. It’s not easy, time goes too fast when smalls are small, you don’t want to give up one precious moment… you go enjoy the next months with her…hard but it’s gotta be done xx

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