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We failed at being sensible spenders. 

Hello you!

You may remember when I talked about how hubs and I had decided to get our life together and budget our cash, if you didn’t read it, click here! Well, it’s been a month and you deserve an update. That update is, we failed! We ended the month with 10p on the bank. Ha!

May actually ended up costing us lots more than expected. E started ballet so we had a huge out lay for uniform, the car had its MOT and we had to pay a registration fee for E to start pre school.

What actually caused our failure though may surprise some of you super savvy budgeters. It was Aldi!

Our grand plan was to shop in Aldi, spend less money and join the masses of people who have saved loads shopping there. What actually happened was 4 weeks of us spending £100 a week. £100 A WEEK! That’s £40 more than we expected and £30ish more than we budget. We are sorry Tesco, we are coming back, do you forgive us?

Online grocery shopping works for us. There’s no temptation, no screaming toddler needing treats or excited husband drawn in to the middle aisles. It’s just me, my list and the app. So we are going back to Tesco and sticking to what we know works for us.

Also, we both gained weight during our month at Aldi as we got way more treats then usual. We are just useless at saying no to temptation.

It’s June now and we are going to try again with the original plan, apart from shopping at Aldi. Because dealing in cash worked for us, as did being grateful.

I’ll let you know how we get on! Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips for us.

Love ya



4 thoughts on “We failed at being sensible spenders. 

  1. I find that aldi isn’t any difference in price unless you go for all top brands in Tesco usually but for things like tinned tomatoes that are just added to things there is no need for top brand. Tesco value do the same job. Good luck xx

    1. I agree! We did a Tesco shop yesterday and got a lot for bit much money. I’ll just stick to what I know xx

  2. Haha! I could have written this. when I shopped at Aldi I tended to buy more because it was cheap and I didn’t like having to queue for ages then be expected to have ninja reflexes as the cashier scanned 10 items per second. I love Tesco home delivery, so much easier and no impulse buys.

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