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And so begins Pre School. 

Hello you! 

About a week ago we headed down to our local preschool of choice to have a look around and get E sorted for her funded hours in September.

She missed starting the spring term with a funded place by 1 day so I wanted to make sure everything was in place for her to start. 

As we arrived E was invited to play whilst we did the grown up stuff. It happened to be over lunch so they fed her too. And I was so blown away. Three months ago my shy, quiet girl would have burst into tears and stayed with me but she just plodded off, care free and that was that. 

Hubs had come along to look around too and I could instantly see his brain start turning. I knew he was thinking the same as me, she couldn’t wait until September for this. She was being brave and big and we needed to run with it. 

We decided that night to start her as soon as we could and just foot the bill. Yes, it would mean there would be less disposable income but she was so happy and everything we do is for her happiness.

She starts in a weeks time and everyone here at N towers is so excited for it.

A few people have asked what I’ll do with my time?! Oh how I’ve laughed. I’m going to sleep, clean, eat food without little fingers and frolic. I’ll also probably weep for the first few days as my little best friend and side kick isn’t there but I think a little mamma snooze will make it all better, don’t you?

Also, I’ve realised I’m going to have to buy a handbag. I haven’t had a handbag in YEARS. I started motherhood with a changing bag, then for a bit I got brave and got a large gorgeous navy Joules bag but then I ended up sharing the Skip Hop Unicorn back pack with E. I quite fancy a Cath Kidston bag but I’d also really like one with mermaids or unicorns on. That’s probably because I’ve spent the last three years with my daughter and we think they are wonderful. An actual real life hand bag, how exciting!! 

Love ya! 

Ami xx 

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