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My personal digital detox 

Hello you!

About two weeks ago E said ‘put down your bone  mum and play with me’ about three times in one day.

That night I was so cross at myself, I decided I HAD to do just that. I’ve been very concious about my phone/screen time since. I’ve put it down and played with my daughter, watched films with my husband and one day, I just sat for 30 minutes and did nothing. It was blissful.

As a stay at home mum whose husband leaves the house at 6:30am and doesn’t come back until 10 hours later, social media is often my lifeline to the grown up world. Because of that though I sometimes find myself lost to it, just aimlessly scrolling around, reading news articles and jumping from one app to another.
My digital detox has been blissful and although I haven’t stopped using my phone/laptop all the time, just conciously switching off from it has been freeing.

Facebook is my biggest pull. It’s where all my friends are! In January I completely deleted the Facebook app from my phone and it was so freeing, I only got it back when I realised lots of things I do with E from Ballet to playgroups use Facebook to communicate. I’ve been thinking I’ll delete the app again once a day via the internet brower. Just to check in on things as and when I need too, do you think that’d work? I’m not sure but I do know, life has been much better without it stealing my time.

Have you ever done a digital detox? Do you think you even need to or it’s just the way it is now? I’d be interested to know in the comments below.

Love ya!

Ami X

2 thoughts on “My personal digital detox 

  1. I love a digital detox! Nowadays, we are so contactable, too contactable sometimes! I find that I have more time for reading books now and just “being”, rather than reacting a lot of unnecessary rubbish that comes up on my phone. I’ve been guilty in the past of hours of endless scrolling – it’s just a waste of precious time! I’ve deleted the Facebook app too, so I’m not aware of notifications unless I actually log in. I’ve also amended my settings so that I can control what goes onto my wall. Everyone knows that I love cats and wine…I get tagged in every related meme going, most of which have been doing the rounds for years now! x

    1. That such a good plan! I just hate how addicted I am to it. I tried to read a book the other day and was scan reading because I haven’t read in so long that I just scan now. I had to really concentrate on actually reading every word.

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