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Family N is on a mission to save 

Hello you!! 

After a hectic and busy few months super hubs and I can no longer deny we need to get a grip of financial reality and start saving some money.

We have spent ALOT this past three months and although we had some ace stuff from it, we’ve also wasted a lot on take out, snacks, take away coffee and nothingness. It can’t go on friends, it just can’t. All those coffees and frivolous purchases are one step away from our financial goal.

So what action are we taking? 

First off, we are going draw cash out at the start of every week. We are the worse for not really knowing and underestimating what we’ve spent thanks contactless payments. If we need or want to buy anything from now on we will have to pay cash. We are hoping this gives us a bit more accountability for how much we spending and what we are spending on. 

Secondly, we are no longer gong to do our grocery shop at Tesco. It’s become too expensive! Yesterday we ventured into Aldi and was pleasantly surprised. We used to only shop at Aldi before having E but then she came along and getting groceries delivered was easier than dragging a baby on a 30 mile round trip, Country side living!! We’ve been averaging about £85/£90 a week at Tesco but yesterday we got everything we needed plus a few extras in Aldi for £61. I’m hoping to get that figure down further by shopping the offers. 

Thirdly, I know I have said this before but we are going to start being more grateful. We don’t need stuff, we want it and our wants are becoming outrageous. We need to slow it down a bit, we are so incredibly happy with what we have in life and I think we need to remember that 

I’m not sure I’ve ever written about it on this blog but we made some poor fincancil decisions when we were younger including buying a shared ownership house which became a huge financial problem. As a result we are still paying things off and will be for the foreseeable future. Our aim is too pay these things off quicker and save for a perfect forever house. 

So that’s the plan and we are excited to see how it pans out! 

Are you good with your money or are you a bit like us and very hit and miss? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love ya


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