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A Haven holiday. 

Hello you! 

We, being ourselves and our good friends, decided last year in the height of the summer with our rose tinted sun glasses to book a wee spring break away for ourselves to a Haven Holiday camp in Scarborough. We’ve just got back and I thought I’d share how it went. 

Because no one wants to end on a bad note I’ll start by sharing the rubbish parts of the holiday. 
Firstly, the weather was horrendous. It was rain hail and snow for most of the week. I’ve never been so cold, ever. Bloody Snow in April! The caravan was like an icebox, it was so cold on night one that I was ready to give up and come home. Luckily, our friend is proactive and bought portable heaters for everyone which made it much more enjoyable. 

Also, the swimming pool was absolutely freezing. E was hysterical when we got in, hubs went blue and we were out within 20 minutes vowing never to get back in. 

Other than a running theme of being cold, the holiday was lovely and we did lots of things to keep warm and entertained.

Every night we went to the Disco which E loved although I was disappointed they don’t sing the tiger club song anymore. She’ll never know! We did however get matching glitter tattoos, flashing wands and boogied with Fun star Morgan until the early hours (8pm, she’s only 3!) 

We visited the Sea life centre in Scarborough which was really good! The kids all collected stamps on the way around to get a medal at the end and I got to hold an empty shark egg. 

We also visited the John Bull rock factory which was ace! I think it was everyone’s highlight. We rolled our own sticks of rock, made chocolate lollies and got to sample so many lovely tasty things like biscuits, chocolate, sweets and of course, rock. They have a little soft play attached too which the kiddies loved. Seriously, if you’ve never been, go! It’s a sweet (see what I did there?) afternoon for a fair price. 

Since the pool was so cold our friends found a small and warm pool we could pay to go too which was lovely. We took E and she had an ace time. Thankfully being dunked in ice cold water and told to have a wonderful time the day before didn’t traumatise her too much. 

We really did have a lovely holiday despite the cold and will absolutely be booking again. Although probably when the weather is slightly more predictable and somewhere with a warmer pool. 

Have you ever been to a Haven holiday camp? Hit me with your best ones so we can find some new and fabulous to go. 

Love ya 


8 thoughts on “A Haven holiday. 

  1. So glad you didn’t give up and go home early! Sounds like you had a lovely time, despite the cold and the snow! xx

    1. We were so close but luckily, the other family we went with were far more proactive than us and the heater really did save it!

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