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The April spendathon for E 

Hello you!

Recently we have spent loads of money on such a huge variety of stuff that I thought I’d do a haul post. I’m not going to break it down like I usually do because honestly, it has mostly all been spent on E. 

The first think I want to mention is this play foam.

 We went to a friends house for a play the other day and they had this out. E loved it and asked for it for about four days after. We decided to buy her some instead of an Easter egg and it’s been a been a hit! We got ours from Amazon but you can pick it up in most kids shops. Look how pretty it is.

We are going in a little break soon so we needed to get E some essentials for that. 

First up we bought a Puddle Jumper for swimming. I’d never heard of these before but after asking on a mummy Facebook group they were the most recommended. E loves it and I can see why it comes with such high praise. We are going on our little holiday with friends, who have since bought them too for their twins! 

Sticking with the swimming theme we also got E a new swim suit. Originally we headed to Next as that’s where I’ve bought them from previously but she hated them, said the colours were too blue. We kind of aimlessly walked about the shops until she found one she loved in Pep & Co. I have to admit, I love it too! I think it was about £6 so I’m not complaining. 

We also picked up leggings for £2 in there and a hat for £1. I love Pep and Co leggings for E, they wash so well and have loads of colour choice. 

The BEST thing we bought was these new shoes which flash! The are Sketchers and E absolutely loves them. They are so sparkly and tacky that they are a thing of beauty.  We got them in Sports Direct for £24. They had so many styles, I think they may become a new ‘thing’ for E. I’m not complaining, if she’s happy, she’s happy. 

In less exciting and flashy news we also bought new pans this month. Do you know how mardy that makes me? We spent £40 on flipping pans but we needed them. We got a frying pan, a roasting tin and a baking tray. Next month is saucepans, bet you can’t wait to read about that! what a fun life we lead, Ha! 

That’s it for now 

Love ya 



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