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Getting fit at 30 – Adam Newman Fitness review. 

Hello you! 

As we’ve all probably gathered now, I recently turned 30 and I dealt with it by chopping my hair off and declaring I was going to get fit and exercise more!

The only problem with exercising is genuinely finding the time. I’m a stay at home mum whose whole day, from 6:30am until 7:00pm, revolves around taking care of and entertaining a three year old. No time for the gym, no time for a run and no time for even a sit up without being climbed on! So what’s a women to do?

Recently the lovely people at Adam Newman Fitness got in touch and offered me access to one of their plans in exchange for an honest review. 

Adan Newman Fitness offers a variety of online programmes but we quickly established the best one for me would be the Easy does it 3 week beginners programme.

The programme is accessed via an app which contains 3 weeks worth of videos. You also get access to a secret Facebook group where you can contact Adam directly and other people who are doing the programme. You post daily when you’ve worked out and you can ask any questions. This was my favourite part of the package beyond the videos. On day 3 my GP contacted me for a cancelled appointment to have my implant replaced which meant no exercise for two days. I wrote on the group for advice and within an hour Adam had replied telling me to have the rest and get back on it when I could do. 

The videos are fab, Adam is clear with all his instructions and extremely engaging.  There’s no specialist equipment needed for the videos which is great because well, I don’t have any. The videos vary in length but aren’t ever too long that I wasn’t able to find the time. 

I’m actually nearing the end of the programme  now and feel that it fair for me to say I am very impressed with it. I’ve felt my fitness improve and I look forward to doing the workouts. My husband, who is much fitter than me, has been joining in too and was very impressed with the workouts too. 

As well as the programme, you also get emails from Adam regarding eating habits and other info to go along side the exercise which I have found both informative and interesting. 

Although I was gifted access to this programme in exchange for an honest review, I feel that a one off fee of £7 is an excellent investment when it comes to improving your health and fitness. It’s cheaper than a gym, it requires no additional ‘stuff’ and you can genuinely work it around your day. 

Lots of love 


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