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Easter fun! 

Hello you!

Being a stay at home Mum means I’m often searching for ways to do something interesting for E especially when it’s half term and non of our usual groups are on. There’s only so much Paw Patrol you can let a child watch. 

My friend and I decided instead of exchanging eggs for the girls we would do a day of Easter fun. I was in charge of an edible activity leaving my friend in charge of crafts! 

She chose Easter bonnets, I chose Easter Bunny Bark and we all had so much fun! 

The bonnets were great fun! She picked them up at Aldi for less than £1 and the sticky bits were from various places. The girls loved it, we set them up and let them go wild and the end results were awesome!


After a quick break to run around the garden being be Elsa 1 and Elsa 2, we made bunny bark. 

We melted 4 bars of cheap white chocolate, poured it into some greaseproof paper we had taped to the table and let the kids go wild. We gave them smarties, sprinkles, smashed up milk chocolate, sugar carrots and marshmallows and told them to throw it on. 

The girls loved it and made an beautiful mess of chocolate. Once it had set in the fridge I smashed it up into pieces and we took half each! 

We had such a fun time doing our activities and the girls loved it! 

I think we will do more themed days and activities this year. It’s proved to a great opportunity to discuss Easter, talk about colours, spring animals and flowers. Basically we educated through fun and for a few hours we were the coolest mums around.

Are you doing fun things this Easter? Tell me all about it in the comments below! 



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