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My experience of the contraceptive implant. 

Hello you! 

I recently posted this picture on my various social media accounts and was messaged privately by a few women asking about my experience of the contraceptive implant

This isn’t the medical info on it, if you want that it’s available here, it’s just my experience.

This is my third contraceptive implant. I had one the full 3 years prior to E and then two weeks after she was born I had another put in. This is my third after I did my 3 years again. 

So, firstly, it’s a rod, that feels like a hair grip in your arm. It didn’t hurt me going in nor coming out. They do numb the area first and then inject it into you. To remove they numb and then make a cut and slip it out. Both times it’s a bit stingy after but nothing major. 

People often get squeamish about it being in your body but if I’m honest, I’d rather that than a baby so I got over it easily enough. And I can’t feel it in my arm so it’s easy to forget it’s there. 

I don’t really have periods on it. My first one was a case of in it went, no periods for 2 years and then the occasional light bleed for a year. It’s not predictable what will happen to you, a friend of mine bled a lot and opted to have hers removed. 

My second one was slightly different but I don’t know if it’s because I had just had a baby. I bled for about 3 months straight, very lightly and ended up spending a month on the pill as well as the implant which sorted it out. From there it was a case of no periods. I had two BIG bleeds in last year though which were bad enough I visited the GP. The first time I was sent for a scan and had blood tests to check for a very very very rare pregnancy (it’s 99 % effective) but there was nothing there. The second I ended up anaemic after a week and needed to have iron supplements. No one really knows why I had these bleeds and put it down to hormones. I suppose two years of no bleeds means it has to come out eventually? I don’t know. 

Another question I get asked a lot is did it effect my fertility. Again, different answers for different people but for me, absolutely not. We know E was conceived within 4 days of me having it out. 

A lot of people tell me it made them ‘crazy’ I’m not sure what I can say to that. It’s definitely hormones in a stick in your body. When it comes to the time of month I’m supposed to be bleeding I do become slightly less chilled and more, Red Devil host. I was like without the contraceptive implant so I think that’s just me. It doesn’t effect me for 24 days of every month so I’m ok with that. 

I do think it has had an affect on my weight. I struggle to lose weight and gain weight very easily. From memory I seem to remember all the other choices also included weight gain as a side effect too. I’m doing my best to manage it with good food choices and I’ve recently started an exercise programme that I’ll tell you all about soon. 

I think really that’s all I can tell you about my experience of it. I really like it as my contraception choice and I don’t think I’ll be changing it ever. Plus, I can’t ever forgot to take it or book in for someone to inject it into me because it’s always there. 

Love you 



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