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This is not a diet, diet. 

Hello you!

If you know me in real life you’ll know I’m chubby. If you don’t know me in really life, I’m chubby.

I wouldn’t say I’m too large, I fit into a size 16 but I’m unhappy with that. Ideally I would be very happy with a 14 so I’m going on a not a diet, diet. 

I have tried it all from slimming world to weight watchers and I’m my own worst enemy. I know this now and I need to concentrate on not binge eating.

As a family we eat very very well. If I only ate breakfast, lunch and dinner I wouldn’t have a weight problem but as soon as evening comes I feel like I HAVE to eat. And that’s when I reach for the food I should be eating in moderation and eat it to excess. 

I want to enjoy food, I want to eat with friends and not feel guilty and I want to be happy around food. All these things will be good for me but VITAL for E. My heart would break if she ever felt the way about her body in the way I do.

I don’t want her to see me starve or refer to food as naughty, sinful or bad. I don’t want her to think food replacement shakes are an option. I want her to see that food is wonderful, colourful and tasty. It’s good for your body, all of it, within moderation. 

So today, I’ve started my not a diet diet. This weeks goal is going to be an increase in water drinking and decrease in custard creams! 

I’ll let you know next Saturday how I got on! 



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