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Chicken pox.

Hello you!
You may have noticed a lack of posts this week and that’s because I’ve spent the week dealing with E having chicken pox

Poor E had one spot last Friday and as I frantically text my friends wondering if it could be we decided it couldn’t, afterall, who gets chicken pox on their birthday? That is until one spot became two and then two spots became eight and either became ten. Chicken pox had arrived! 

We cancelled the party, informed people who we had seen and stocked up on the vitals for getting through. 
As it happens, turning three is a pretty good distraction from chicken pox and E was totally ok for the first three days. As hoards of presents arrived at the house, she ran around dressed as Princess Anna and was totally fine. Particularly as a few of her friends who had chicken pox stil came over. 

The night of her birthday she got a fever though and it all went down hill. E struggles with fevers and we couldn’t break it. Neurofen usually does the trick but it’s now widely accepted that you don’t give anti inflammatory medication to someone with chicken pox. So I spent 3 days soothing, cuddling, calpoling and sleeping with one eye open (terrified she would have a febrile convulsion) but we got through. The pox are now just scabs and she’s no longer contagious. 

So, I hear you ask, how did we cope? What were our essentials?

Medication wise calpol every 6 hours and anti histamine every 4 during the day seemed to keep the misery away. 

We also got some Virasoothe on the recommendation from an online mum group. It’s a gel that soothes itching, cools skin and claims to reduce scars. We absolutely felt it helped E for the itching and I suppose time will tell about scars. 

The past few days have also included A LOT of films on the TV, stories, whatever food when she wanted, chocolate, cake and basically anything to keep her happy. We found if she cried or felt upset the whole illness got worse. Keep her calm became the weekly motto. 

And that my friends if why I’ve been quiet and how we survived chicken pox

Normal service next week!



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