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For E – On the day you were born 

Dear E,

It feels like only 2 minutes ago you came into the world. So teeny and helpless. I can still close my eyes and remember every little detail from the day I gave birth to you. I can feel every raw emotion and I can even smell the hospital ward.

The reality is it was three whole years ago. Time is whizzing by baby girl and you are anything but helpless now. You fierce, wonderful, gorgeous little thing. 

So inspired by something I saw elsewhere I thought I would research a few things and tell you a few things from the day you were born and the days after so you would always have them. 

Number 1 song – ‘I got U’ by Duke Dumont  

Place – Dundee, Scotland  

Weather – Sunny with clear skies 

Moon cycle – Waxing Crescent 

A first class stamp cost 62p

A pint of milk cost 46p 

David Cameron was the primeminister 

Elizabeth 2nd was the Queen

Barrack Obama was the president of America. 

You were born in a Wednesday and apparently, Wednesday’s child is full of woe (not true!) 

Captain America: The winter soldier was released in the cinema on the Friday. 

When we phoned your granny she screamed, your nanny cried. I am told your great grandparents breathed a sigh of relief and your great auntie shed a tear. Your grandad couldn’t have sounded prouder of he tried. Your Auntie was taking kids on a school trip and weirdly picked her phone up to your daddy phoning with the news which she never does.  

You weighed 1900g which they said was 4lb 3oz However on SCBU they said it was 4lb and a quick look on Google today tells me it’s 4lb 1oz. We’ll just stick to grams shall we?

You didn’t cry (for a long time actually) 

You were almost named; Felicity, Ella, Faye, Poppy and if you were a boy you’d have been Zachariah, Joshua, Rory, Frederick or Aksel. 

Your first outfit was a second hand baby gro from a lady called Phillipa who we knew from where we lived. I never got to keep it because the neonatal nurses washed it and put it on someone else’s baby. She was called Ava and there was no way I was going to tell her upset parents that I wanted it back. 

You left hospital on April 5th 2014. How long will I love you by Ellie Goulding played on the radio and I cried all the way home. 

I think I’ll stop there. 

Happy third birthday my gorgeous girl. 

All my love, all my heart and all the planets forever 



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