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What’s in my toddlers bag – The Potty training version 

Hello you!

One of my most read posts is this one detailing what I packed in the bag I take out for E so I decided to do a potty trained version. 
Potty training usually starts just when you think you can start carrying a lighter bag around. When you don’t need sterilised shit and a thousands nappies. But you can’t, because you suddenly need to carry all kinds of new shit. 
E is toilet trained but it’s only been 6ish weeks so we still take loads of ‘just in case’ stuff out because well, just in case. 


We bring a whole new outfit with us. Right from the vests to the jumper. You’ll be surprised how quickly a toddler can soak a whole outfit in wee. We also bring two pairs of knickers and an extra pair of leggings. I know a mum who takes an extra pair of shoes too. Don’t laugh, if you want to laugh, you’ve never had a child fill their converse with wee at playgroup when you’ve walked and your going to have to carry them home because it’s too squelchy. 


Easiest way to clean anything up, ever. But you know this, whether you are a parent or not. 

Snacks/rewards/bribes and a toilet seat. 

We always carry snacks but since toilet training I also carry an array of stickers, mini sweets and toys. Like most kids E was scared of ‘other’ toilets at first so we bought her her own portable toilet seat to make every loo ‘hers’ and the rewards are for moments of bravery when I forget the bloody seat and need to make sure she doesn’t wet herself. 


This is problem not every one faces but E is VERY good at holding her bladder. If she is too engrossed in activity or doesn’t fancy it, she’ll just hold her it in. We take a drink everywhere now so I make sure she can’t hold it longer than normal and make her self poorly. 

And I think that’s it. Well, it’s not it, our bag currently has a teddy she found when I was clearing out and suddenly can’t bare to part with, a stone she picked up on the walk home from group and declared treasure, a half eaten cereal bar which she insisted we needed to being but NOT BACK IN THE WRAPPER just in case and finally, 3p which is she going to use to buy a blue dog. 

Non of those items are essential for a potty training bag though. 


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