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What we’ve bought E for her upcoming birthday. 

Hello you! 

E turns 3 in three days time and we are finally sorted for her birthday gifts! I want to share with you what we chosen for her this year. She isn’t at a stage of asking for things yet so I still kind of have to guess and gauge what she’ll get the most joy from. We set the budget of £75 for her birthday and I think this year we may well have stayed under it!! 

This time last year

Melissa & Doug wooden pizza set 

We seem to have an ever growing wooden kitchen and when we saw this on Amazon deal of the day for about £10, we couldn’t resist. E is BIG on imagination play and we know she’ll love making us all pizza over and over again (until the pieces go missing) 

Little Live pets Parrot 
This was an absolute bargain in the new year sales, I got it for £2. I’ve since seen it for as much as £14!! It claims on the box to repeat things back to you and E will just love that. I’m not sure we will but we won’t feel so guilty for shoving it in a drawer if we only spent £2. 

Princess Anna Dress

I don’t think this needs explaining, the kids obsessed. 

Merida princess doll 

E discovered a love for the film Brave recently and loves to reenact Merida. The doll was in the January sale so I grabbed her for pretty cheap too. 

 The big pressie is ……. *drum roll please* 

A Slyvanian families cottage and a rabbit family

My thinking behind this is, as a stand alone gift, it’s pretty cute. E loves mini stuff and small world, she loves rabbits and she’s big on imagination play. I know she will enjoy it. However, if she LOVES it there’s potential to buy so much more as she gets older. 

There are a few other bits and bobs, a couple of books and some plastic jewellery but that’s it.

At Christmas we went over the top and it ended up just being too much for her and totally overwhelming. So much so her daddy had to take her upstairs to get ready and I had to hide stuff, gradually adding it too our toy collection over a few weeks. We’ve kept this in mind when buying for her birthday this year. Is this something that happens in your house? Do you have a birthday budget or do you go wild? I’d love to know! 

Love ya! 

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