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Easy Peasy Meatball pasta 

Hello you! 

I don’t know about you but in this house we make meals depending on the weather. Stews, pies and puddings are for cold winter days. Salads and light bites are for the summer. If I served a stew in the summer, everyone would be perplexed. 

To celebrate the beginning of spring we made a light easy peasy meatball pasta the other day and I thought I’d share the recipe. 

I just made it up but I’m sure they’ll be some very professional recipe somewhere that’s similar. I used cheat versions of some of the ingredients but if you wanted to make it fancier then just use fresh versions. 

What you’ll need 

Lazy garlic 

Chilli purée 

A good glug of Olive oil

Meat balls (We used Tesco’s finest Italian) 

Plum tomatoes, as many as you fancy 

Loads of fresh Spinach


Spaghetti (as much as you need) 

Cheese to throw on top (if you fancy it) 

What you do

Half the plum tomatoes, toss in olive oil and throw on some basil. Stick these in a roasting tin and pop them in the oven for the duration of the rest of food cooking on about 180. 

Boil the spaghetti as per instructions. 
Begin to cook meatballs in a frying pan, once brown drain away fat from pan. At this point, add the chilli and garlic to taste. 

Cook until the meatballs are cooked throughout. At the very end chuck the spinach in and stir until it wilts. 

When everything is done, bring it all together for a really tasty and easy tea that meets my husbands seasonal meal requirements and toddler friendly too. 

Love ya! 

A xx 

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