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Almost three 

Hello you! 

E is almost three, I can’t even believe that. It’s so cliche to say but I feel like I blinked and here we are.

So, here’s her almost three update.

The big one is in the last few months E has gained a best friend. She has also collected up some other good friends along her way but she has one clear best friend. They are extremely different and similar at the same time. Their little friendship dynamic is ace to watch. I happen to like best friends mum a lot too which helps since I see her almost every day (Helllloooooo! Brew tomorrow?) 

It’s become clear to us recently that E is a very quiet child in social situations. Despite being bonkers, loud and almost ferral at home this doesn’t translate in social situations. She is happy to observe, wait and listen. It’s charming really, she isn’t timid or afraid but she’s just, the kid that stands back. This does worry for when she gets into school but we have plenty of time for her to develop some assertiveness. I also feel very aware of her personality so I know I’ll always be checking in and making sure her voice is heard and just as important. 

She’s totally potty trained now, that was pretty easy really. Nothing dramatic happened. 
Her passions still revolve around Disney, crafts and imagination play.

Oh, she loves to be outside too. With the weather getting nicer she is constantly asking to be in the garden.

She’s started making up little songs which is so so cute. They are mostly about love and heart ache which tells me we listen to too much Motown. An almost three year old possibly shouldn’t be singing about her ‘babies heart’ I think she took her inspo for that one from Patsy Cline. 

She has an imaginary troll friend, he’s a rascal. 

She still eats like a fairy compared to her peers but I don’t expect that’ll change any time soon. 

Her hair is so long and she won’t have it cut. I asked her once and she said no. We’ve decided that it’s her hair, so she can choose. 

She says lolo instead of yellow which I never want her to stop doing. There has been no further issue with her speech or involvement from SALT. 

She really is the most wonderful little toddler and in two weeks, she’ll be the most wonderful little pre schooler. 

She’ll always be my baby though.


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