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Now I’m thirty. 

Hello you! 

As I mentioned in this post I turned 30 recently. I didn’t think I was bothered but it turns out on my last night in my twenties I decided I needed to make my thirties amazing. 

My twenties were pretty special. To recap – I graduated, met N and married him. We bought a house and then sold it. I owned a VW beetle for a while. We’ve lived in three different homes and spent 3 years in Scotland. We got our dogs and I’ve had many jobs. Amazing friends were made, amazing friends were lost. Some good people left this earth and some gorgeous babies were born. No other decade will top my twenties because it was in twenties I fell pregnant and became a mamma to E, the best thing I ever did or ever will do. My twenties were busy. 

But I didn’t lose the weight I wanted too, I didn’t stop worrying about what people thought of me and I didn’t end my twenties with my shit together.

The day after I turned thirty I walked into my hair dressers and got her to cut 70% of my hair off. No more mum pony tail for me. 

Five days after turning thirty I went for my first ever run. No more unfit, lazy me. (In theory) 

And in about 5 minutes, when I’ve published this post, I’m going to tell my private Facebook friends that I blog. Maybe it’ll go somewhere, maybe it won’t but at least I can say I tried. 

I want my thirties to be the decade I get my shit together. 

Love you

A x

5 thoughts on “Now I’m thirty. 

  1. I love reading your facebook posts, so a blog I’m sure will be just as funny! You’re an inspiration to those of us that are now half way through are 30s and STILL don’t have our shit together x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I felt so nervous about ‘going public’ with my blog but it’s so nice to know people are reading it and not hating it! We can all try and get our shit together, together!


    1. I think so, I’m not sure what I’m doing but I want to try! I felt really scared ‘admitting’ I blog, it’s like a secret world haha! The run was interesting, hubs basically shouted at me a lot but I did it, so that’s better than not! xx

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