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What I bought in February 

Hello you!

February is over  and we did a terrible job at not spending any money. In fact, we ran out which we never do! But ah well, wanna see what we bought? Of course you do! 

For me 

This month I didn’t spend much on myself, I did pick up these gorgeous Disney Couture earrings though. I was looking originally for the mickey ones Louise Pentland wore in her Disney Vlogs but I saw these and needed them!  I love Disney and I love Disney Couture jewellery. I think it can be a subtle and cute nod to all things magical and wonderful whilst still being a grown up. 

For the house 

Every single Sunday this month hubs has picked me up some flowers. Not an expensive bouquet but some daffs or some tulips! I love having fresh flowers in the house, I think it brightens a room. I’m really hoping this is something he intends to continue with. 

We also bought a mop and bucket after I officially lost my temper with our fancy pants steam cleaner. 

For hubs 

Nothing! Well he did get a discount voucher with his Nespresso machine and spent £20 on coffee pods so I suppose that counts. He is still LOVING that machine. 

For E

So this is where we really went to town.

To start with she got some new wellies after a wee accident left her Joules ones ruined. I so so so wanted to love the new style of Joules wellies but I didn’t so I picked up these cute ones for Marks and Spencer’s, Win! I like to spend a little more on her wellies as we walk the dogs every day through muddy fields and the cheaper ones just don’t seem to cut it. 

Then we got her a super cute wooden toy till from Asda. She did have an electric one but it broke and she was really missing the till during her role play. It was £10 and it’s so good, comes with pretend money too. 

We also got her a gorgeous new yellow rain Mac from Mothercare after the weather hinted at milder days and her winter coats seemed too big. Of course, as soon as she had begun to wear it storm Doris hit and it’s been miserable ever since. 

Our friends visited Rotterdam this month and text when they found some Buzz Lightyear Vans for their daughter. When I almost lost my mind after wanting them for E, they so very kindly headed back to the shop and picked her up a pair too. She is going to lose her mind with joy when we get them! Thanks Pete

Other things we acquired this month were Trolls the film, lots of take away food (oops) and so many birthday presents for other people. We refer to March and April as birthday season as we have so so many people we want to celebrate with. 

One thing I’ve already noticed by doing these monthly posts is that we waste A LOT of our spare money on take away food and shop runs so for lent we are giving up take away food and shop runs. What did you buy this month?  

Love ya! 

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