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Beach life – Mummy Dates project 2017

Hello you!

Yesterday morning as I went to get E up she told me that she wanted to eat pancakes and go to the beach. 

It got me thinking. It was raining, windy and cold but was also only 30 minutes to the beach and the weather app told me there would be a break in the rain after lunch. So I woke up hubs and we agreed that we would do exactly what she wanted.

Hubs came along on this mummy date so it was more of a family date but it was so so nice. E was thrilled when started making pancakes and started shouting ‘hoopla’ every time we flipped one. She later told us that’s what daddy pig does but it was cute and we all laughed. 

After pancakes, which we ate with strawberries, Nutella and golden syrup, we all piled into the car.

At one point hubs mentioned we might go on holiday to America and E shouted ‘don’t be silly daddy, we’re off to the beach today’ 

She was just so excited.

The beach was windy but fun. We ran and jumped in puddles left by the sea. The dogs went wild and ran for miles which is always a win. We walked to the ‘big sea’ with the waves but E was a bit nervous so we found a Little Rock pool to explore instead. It was really chilly but we stayed an hour as E couldn’t bare to leave without exploring more and more. 

E chattered all the way home about the beach and the pancakes. She kept saying she felt happy and that alone made me so so happy. 

Have you had a mummy date this month? If you aren’t sure what the mummy date Project is, then have a read of this written by Louise Pentland and if you think it sounds fun, why not join in? Two months in and I’m really enjoying making sure E gets one day a month where we have quality, happy time together. 

Love ya 


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