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Planning a Frozen birthday party. 

Hello you! 

E is 3 in April and she has requested she has a Frozen themed birthday party and despite the fact I’ve had enough of Elsa, the frosty so & so, we have agreed. 

So, I thought I’d drag you all along with me for the planning ride. 

The date and time has been set and the invited children have been decided. So now I just need to find a way to entertain ten 3 year olds for 2 hours on a £50 budget. Can’t be hard right?! 

Have you thrown an at home Frozen birthday party? Any ideas you want to share? 

I’m going to do a few posts about this discussing decor, entertainment and food. 

Lots of love 

Me xx 

One thought on “Planning a Frozen birthday party. 

  1. This is such a lovely little blog! The layout is great. I so loved doing birthday parties but I have to admit a bouncy castle was hired for Toby’s 3rd which was enjoyed by adults as well as kids. then I did Cairnie fruit farm (they had a huge chocolate fountain!) for a few others as we had no garden. Jelly was always a useful and cheap thing to use, jelly and spoon race and jelly eating contests involving a blindfold. I’m sure you’ll do a brilliant party. Party bags, cake and pass the parcel is all you need really xx

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